Thursday, 15 January 2015

MAFA Interim Show - works in progress

An opportunity to see what 20 Chelsea MAFA students 
are gearing up to, for September's final show... 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fact, Fiction, Fable

Three MA Fine Art students, Paul Abbott, Alex Roberts and Michael Williams, spent a week (17-21 November 2014) collaborating, and involved with dialogue around the themes of Fact, Fiction and Fable.

"The week offered a chance for us to re-address some common threads, and overlaps of interest within our independent works. Re-looking at the question of narrative, and hints to a narrative within our studio practice. 

Our time included co-operation with using different materials such as drawing, sound, video, performance, not with the aim to produce completed works, but to allow the process of coming together to inform our interest in identity, ambiguity, narrative, the relationship between the figurative and abstraction".

A brief selection of the documented, working experience, and the installation piece (sound & visual), that came together.

Office Party - first round, complete!

Several critiques and openings later, the first round of Office Party has ended. 

Office Party was a six-week art exhibition and experiment of site specific works, installations and performances, part of Office Sessions III.  Office Sessions III is a project held at Anchorage House, London, directed by Caitlin Mavroleon.  Thanks to Adam Zoltowski for steering the 40+ artists involved.

Office within an office, 2014 - evolving, painting installation (detailed view)
Should you be looking? 2010 - drawing within a reclaimed, Panorama telescope (rehoused)