Friday, 7 October 2016

The Room is the Resonator - insights, documentation, outcomes...

After presented 
The Room is the Resonator, a ten-day exhibition by artists, Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts. Part of Deptford X Fringe & Art Licks Weekend 2016 Festivals.

Paul Abbott (left) & Alex Roberts (right).

Interview Room, 2016  Flat Screen monitor.
Paul Abbott
 Mirror (100 percent), 2016  Privacy film, CRT monitor, CCTV camera, 
electrics.  Paul Abbott
Reds to blues, 2015  Acrylic on wood, 23.5 x 17.5cm
Alex Roberts

Male Cell 3, 2016  Pigment, inks, acrylic and oil on silk organza, 
120 x 100cm  Alex Roberts

Mirror (40 percent), 2016  Privacy film.
Paul Abbott
Warm greys and delphinium, 2015  Acrylic and oil on wood, 25 x 20cm
Alex Roberts
Image credits: Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts © 2016

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A considered review from @kelise72
Thanks to all those that supported The Room is the Resonator,
it looks like there maybe more to follow... 

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