Monday, 12 December 2016

3 female painters, 3 European locations - Connect: Katowice's, pairings update.

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Copyright © 2016 Karina Kaluza, Monika Kysiak and Alex Roberts.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Connect: Katowice - London workshop and exhibition 1-16 December

Coming soon... Connect:Katowice’s first public display - LONDON
The British-Polish exchange project, supported by Arts Council England and The British Council (Artists International Development Fund) is sharing it's progress from 2nd December at the Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall.

This Cross-cultural, creative collaboration, set of workshops, talks and exhibition are an opportunity for the public to visit the working update of the international conversations, gaining insights into the variety of individual pairings underway.  

A plethora of free events are being offered, where families and all members of the public are welcome.  A chance to learn, share and engage with cross-cultures and geographic boundaries.

The timetable is outlined above and further information can be found via the following routes:
Connect:Katowice Facebook  
Twitter @ConnectKatowice

The press release, details about the accompanying public talk hosted by Chelsea College of Arts and fuller information can all be accessed via the website.

Image credits: Marilyn Collins and Wojtek Kazimierczak.
Previous design support for Connect:Katowice, special thanks, Joseph Lichy.
Included design, courtesy of Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre.

A lucky laundry find!

A lucky laundry find – Alex Roberts, Karina Kaluza, Monika Mysiak in Katowice!

The drying racks, the Historical Museum Katowice, today’s Rymarska Street.  
Photo credit: Alex Roberts

Learn more about Alex Roberts' British-Polish exchange pairing and recent research trip (2-4 Nov) by clicking here

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016 - Edge Arts, University of Bath

4th Nov - 17th Dec 2016
Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Edge Arts, University of Bath.
Opening time: Tues-Thurs 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun-Mon closed.  Free entry.

The exhibition provides a platform to showcase the work of UK-based drawing practitioners, from student to established, and as a project helps to define a wider understanding of the role and value of drawing in creative practice.

Following the success of the first, Alex Roberts is looking forward to the second accompanying 1-day workshop for The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016 @EdgeArtsBath.

Image credit: Edge Arts, University of Bath

Expanding your view is taking place Saturday 3rd December, 11am- 4.30pm, Fine Art Studio, Edge Arts.  For more information and booking details please click here

To keep up-to-date about this event and others, please visit Edge Arts Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @EdgeArtsBath
For further news, talk times, symposiums, and other linked events surrounding the Jerwood Drawing Prize in Bath and beyond, please click here

Jerwood Drawing Prize is a joint initiative, led by Professor Anita Taylor, at Bath Spa University, School of Art and Design, and supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation through its contemporary gallery programme Jerwood Visual Arts. The 20th anniversary of the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition was celebrated in 2014, and in 2015 Jerwood Charitable Foundation marked 15 years of its support for the prize.

Drawing Projects UK - autumn update

Drawing Projects UK's, autumn season of life-drawing has enjoyed an enthusiastic start.  We are now entering our second series of weekly, 5-week workshops before the Christmas break.  

We have received excellent feedback to date, 

"I think it is an amazing place, brilliant for life drawing."

Image credit: Drawing Projects UK

With more opportunities and plans upon the horizon.
For example: DPUK are hosting an extra morning drawing workshop, Life drawing, creating a dialogue, Wed 7th Dec, 9.00am  For info and how to book please click here

To learn about forthcoming exhibitions, events, studio hire and workshops please visit DPUK's web or blog updates.  For regular news willingly check DPUK's Facebook page or follow us on twitter @DrawingProjectsUK

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

RE - CON - FIGURE, recent news from Maxilla Studios, London

As part of ACAVA's Open Studios event (21-23 Oct) artists at Maxilla Studios launched RE - CON - FIGURE. The exhibition interweaved the distinctive practices of the Maxilla artists to explore a reimagined, re-construed, or reenacted aspect of an original work.

Each artist's contribution consisted of two linked parts; the original piece and a response. The RE - CON- FIGURED responses spanned 2D and 3D creations, digital mediations, written reflections, live performances, and recordings. Each of these were made by the artists autonomously or in collaboration as a group or team.

Documentation of the group event can be viewed here

Friday, 7 October 2016

The Room is the Resonator - insights, documentation, outcomes...

After presented 
The Room is the Resonator, a ten-day exhibition by artists, Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts. Part of Deptford X Fringe & Art Licks Weekend 2016 Festivals.

Paul Abbott (left) & Alex Roberts (right).

Interview Room, 2016  Flat Screen monitor.
Paul Abbott
 Mirror (100 percent), 2016  Privacy film, CRT monitor, CCTV camera, 
electrics.  Paul Abbott
Reds to blues, 2015  Acrylic on wood, 23.5 x 17.5cm
Alex Roberts

Male Cell 3, 2016  Pigment, inks, acrylic and oil on silk organza, 
120 x 100cm  Alex Roberts

Mirror (40 percent), 2016  Privacy film.
Paul Abbott
Warm greys and delphinium, 2015  Acrylic and oil on wood, 25 x 20cm
Alex Roberts
Image credits: Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts © 2016

#theroomistheresonator was kindly supported by 
@Deptfordx @artlicks @afterprojects @TheOldCopShop #artlicks2016 #DeptfordX 

"The festivals showcases the work of pioneering young artists, curators, galleries and project spaces in London".

The show's news updates and FB event page

A considered review from @kelise72
Thanks to all those that supported The Room is the Resonator,
it looks like there maybe more to follow... 

@AlexRoberts9  @pabbottnet 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Room is the Resonator, The Old Police Station, Deptford, 23 September - 2 October 2016

After projects present a ten-day exhibition by artists, Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts.  Part of Deptford X Fringe and Art Licks Weekend Festivals.

Extracts from Whistler’s Yellows 2015, Alex Roberts (left) and Mirror 2015, Paul Abbott (right)
The Room is the Resonator explores themes centred on memory, nostalgia and perception to form an exhibition in the unique context of the former cells and interrogation room of The Old Police Station in Deptford.

Mindful of Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and his characterisation of dwelling and space, while simultaneously considering Lacan’s representation of the ‘real’, the exhibition considers the desire of one to leave and ‘remake’ a reality, whatever that may signify.

The separate cells and interrogation room will house occurrences in relation to the two artists modes of practice: Roberts working primarily with paint and Abbott working with video but both sharing a keen interest in responding to the specificity of the given location.

How might narrative threads be made and frustrated?; How might ‘blind alleys’ allude to or corrupt a message?; Can a mirror be held to the theatrical space of the installation- its performativity - implicating the spectator in that conversation?

Dates: 23 September - 2 October 2016, open daily 12 – 6pm (gallery closed Monday 26th September)
Deptford X Fringe Festival Preview: 23 September, 6-9pm
Private view (Art Licks Weekend): 29 September, 6-9pm
The Old Police Station, 114 Amersham Vale, London, SE14 6LG

Art Licks Weekend, exhibition tours, 30 September - 2 October, daily, 2.00pm with the artists.
Saturday 1 October, 2.30-4.00pm, panel discussion and Q&A with the artists, project mentors/co-curators and project space manager.  Some refreshments will be available.
Artists: Paul Abbott, Alex Roberts
Project mentors/co-curators: Nick Scammell, Julie Bentley (After projects)
Project space manager: Andrew Rickett

For further information please contact Andrew Rickett or 
Julie Bentley  Nick Scammell

After The Room is the Resonator exhibition will be given curating assistance by After projects, who will be supporting and facilitating the exhibition.  Following the artists’ successful response and selection to After's original open call.

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Deptford X 2016 Fringe Festival, Art Licks Weekend 2016 and Deptford’s The Old Police Station (Andrew Rickett).