Saturday, 4 May 2019

New Lecturer Posts for summer 2019...

Alex is pleased to announce two new roles for summer 2019.

From mid June Alex will be joining the staff at De Montfort University Leicester as a full-time Lecturer in Fine Art. This will accompany her other recently acknowledged, new position as a lecturer at Bauhaus Summer School, Bauhaus-Universit├Ąt Weimar.

Both roles will champion the tutoring of Fine Art with a wide outlook and expansively encourage, varying creative outputs.  Bespoke course contributions will focus upon painting and drawing specialisms.

As a collaborative researcher who curates, and an educator, Alex will continue to support Drawing Projects UK and deliver The Drawing Week (2-6th Sept) at Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University as a visiting Artist Tutor.

Life drawing at Edge Arts, University of Bath.  Image credits: Anna Barclay.

However... still sign up while you can!  Two summer intensives at Edge Arts, The University of Bath conclude Alex's six years working as their Artist Tutor.  A handful of spaces are available on Saturdays, 29th June and 6th July.  Drawing/ painting from the life model for three-hour, or all-day sessions are in the offering.  For more info please click here

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